Alfredo Häberli

The Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli (1964) designed the Glass Music statuette for Křehký in 2008. This work tells the story of the Bremen musicians written by the Grimm Brothers. For the first time Alfredo created a piece which didn't have any practical use, and yet he had designed a statuette that tells a story. He always enjoyed the illustrations and the drawings in fairy tales. “I listened to the text, but it sounded more like music to me and helped to accompany the drawing.” Music accompanies all of Häberli's designs. His wife Stefanie plays the transverse flute, his son Luc plays the trumpet, and his daughter Aline plays the same type of flute just like her father. Alfred Häberli's works can be found in the catalogues of companies like Alias, BD Barcelona, Driade, Ittala, Luceplan, Moroso, Offect and Vitra.

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