Michaela Tomišková

In her diploma work “Vyrobeno dechem” (“Made by Breath“) (UMPRUM, 2011) Michaela Tomišková reconciled crystal with laboratory glass in an unusual lighting collection and continues to play with glass without barriers in many other projects. She regularly designs under the title of the group „Vyrobeno lesem” (“Made by the Forest”) and since 2013 also works on her own brand and the studio DECHEM, which she founded together with Jakub Janďourek. In the same year Michaela designed a collection of vases Z jedné (From One) for Křehký, a process of cutting and blending vases blown from one mould which resulted in an unexpected colourful family of vases. In addition, Materiálová váza (Material Vase) was designed using marble, glass, leather, wood and copper combined into a single shape. For the unique pieces collection of the Křehký Gallery, she continuously implements projects that would make the product designation too tight. For example, Těleso nebeské (Heavenly Body) (2011), a crystal landscape with rain, heart and waterfalls; Živé vázy (Live Vases) (2012), wicker vases that bloom; or the New Biedermaier furniture collection (2013), which plays with the thin border between illusion and reality, in which Michal Bačák also participated as an illustrator.


We do cooperate with this designer, but we currently do not offer any products from him. Products from our other authors can be viewed here.