The Czech brand Křehký was founded in 2010 by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek with the aim of continuing a long tradition of the Czech art industry production and bringing home items that can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Křehký cooperates with leading designers from all over the world with a single assignment: To create an object for us that you would be happy with and want to give it to someone as a gift. All Křehký items are made in traditional manufactures within the Czech Republic, using porcelain, glass and wood. Mastering a long tradition of crafts.

Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek: “When we remember moments from our lives that have brought us joy, then most of these moments and experiences happened in times within our family. We experience them being surrounded by our loved ones but also being surrounded by various subjects. And this relationship with the home, the world of objects and the interaction with people (inhabitants of the home) became the subject of our research. The home, an interest in the outside world, our dreams, searching for an inner simplicity and above all everyday joy are values that we try to reveal through the objects that arise for Křehký. We believe our collection can turn an everyday moment into a festive experience.”


Through exhibitions and its own collections of various objects the Křehký Gallery presents a very personal view of contemporary art and design, home and the world of objects. In the curatorial selection of Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek you will find in the gallery mainly limited editions, authors' originals, experimental projects, prototypes and in an exclusive representation also mass produced items that bring originality, character and unexchangeability to the surroundings of our lives.
Through its own limited series Křehký as a producer gives Czech and foreign designers the possibility to freely create their own authorial projects. Thanks to freedom within the creative process they implement and express accurately the perception of worldly subjects by the designers themselves. This process is also a great experience for particular manufacturers who in most cases have to cope with a high demand on quality and technology that are not commonly used.

The gallery was created on the basis of a successful exhibition project called Křehký in 2007 which represented in a very emotional selection the strongest moments in contemporary Czech glass and porcelain design. The exhibition and first items of the design objects' collection with the Křehký brand were introduced to the public as part of the design days in Prague at the Designblok´07. This presentation to the public was done in the form of an imaginary spherical landscape (designed by Maxim Velčovský). In 2008 won the Křehký Collection the Editors Award at the prestigious international fair of furniture and accessories ICFF in New York. The exhibition concept Křehký by Designblok Prague was then presented at the Tokyo Designer's Week: 100% Design Tokyo. The Křehký collection then represented Czech design at a number of locations around the world. In 2008 Křehký won the Editors' Award for the best new product at Designblok and in 2010 became the Shop of the year in the Czech Grand Design Awards.In 2014 the vase „Materiálová váza” (the „Material Vase“) designed by Michaela Tomišková won 1st place in the exhibition of consumer goods and design at Ambiente in Frankfurt. By character the Křehký gallery follows similar private galleries of contemporary design around the world such as the Mint Gallery in London, Cibone in Tokyo, Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan and Kreo in Paris.


For Křehký original and mostly limited collections of objects are created in the so-called Křehký Edition. All exclusive Křehký products are handmade in the Czech Republic in porcelain factories, glass works or small-scale producers. All products are created under the Křehký brand, where Křehký is the name of the gallery and at the same time the manufacturing brand and producer. Křehký editions are sold under this brand. They participate in foreign and domestic exhibitions under the brand and are represented in selected Czech and foreign galleries.



We create objects that we want to present to those we love, objects to which our children and grandchildren will return, objects of the highest value - the value of the gift. Antiques of the future.