Yveta Kroupová

Although product design is her base, Yveta Kroupová is increasingly involved in food design and illustration. She designed the Nudibranch cover dishes for Křehký in 2012 which symbolically combine all these interests. This tableware was inspired by sea gastropods. They enrich the traditional way of serving food with an element of mystery and their unique decorations all individually etched on each pot by hand make them an artefact. “A cover or a beautiful cake? Nudibranch. Hidden beneath the surface they have become similar to the depths of the sea, a hideout for your fondest treats.” You can also find Yveta Kroupová´s name within the Vyrobeno lesem or Rozbíjím se groups.


We do cooperate with this designer, but we currently do not offer any products from him. Products from our other authors can be viewed here.