Poor Set Archeological: Mug

Poor Set Archeological: Mug

Poor Set Archeological: Mug

Michal Bačák

830,00  vč. DPH

Dimensions: 84 x 98 x 98 mm

Care instructions: Products from the Poor Set Archeological can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

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Designers Michal Bačák
Height (mm)


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SKU 137.019

Michal Bačák designed the second series of Poor Set for Křehký, this time with the subtitle Archeological. The motifs were inspired by prehistoric drawings and excavations. Among other things, Michal Bačák is the author of illustrations in the archeopark in Velký Pavlov. He used not only motifs from the everyday life of our Paleolithic compatriots for this Poor Set, but he also humorously invited the hero of the Ice Age, Mr. Vuml, whom we all remember from the children’s book Mach and Šebestová, to play.

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