Pure Cup

Pure Cup

Pure Cup

Maxim Velčovský

450,00  vč. DPH

Dimensions: 95 x 70 x 70 mm

Color: White

Material: Porcelain

Made in: Czech Republic

Care instructions: Pure Cup can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

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Designers Maxim Velčovský


Made in

Czech Republic



Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


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The iconic cup from 1999 was the first object by which Maxim Velčovský, the student of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague at that time, attracted closer attention. “The porcelain cup is an engaged design, reflecting the consumerist society. Maxim transferred a profaned, one-off thing into a refined material, thus breathing a new dimension into it. He was not the only one coming up with such an idea, but he definitely was the first,” Dagmar Koudelková wrote in her text for the catalogue accompanying the Czech 100 Design Icons exhibition. Velčovský’s initially exam paper later served as the basis for his successful and often quoted diploma. The cup also was the first object which Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek, the later founders of the Krehky brand, began producing in 2000, seven years prior to the first Krehky exhibition. After the establishment of the brand, the cup became a firm part of its collection and, up to the present time, ranks among its best-selling objects. The foundation stone. Maxim 00.00.

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