Jakub Berdych

218 000,00  vč. DPH

Dimensions: 1050 x 350 x 500 mm

Made in: Czech Republic

The product is no longer manufactured.

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Designers Jakub Berdych
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Made in

Czech Republic

SKU 072.014

Light object constructed by the method of spatial stained glass. “It may not seem so, but robot is a purely Czech word which the painter Josef Čapek invented for his brother – writer Karel Čapek. If we compare the word with Josef’s oeuvre, we cannot resist the impression that he anticipated the looks of a robot in his paintings. Taking his work into account, I tried to give his idea a third dimension,” Jakub Berdych says. Robot is usually defined as a machine working with a certain degree of independence, performing assigned tasks in a way designated by the taskmaster. The Krehky Robot is a free robot, a static figure – but how enthralling and radiant it is! It is neither a milling nor a cleaning machine. An R2D2 of the world of beauty and fragility; a materialized version of Art Nouveau and modernist history and Czech Cubism as well as the Futurism of the present. It comes in a limited edition of five pieces and is custom-made.